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  • Training and Development

  • Placement of Volunteers

  • Management

Civic engagement

We are developing activities that will allow the community to know their rights and programs that promote civic engagement.

economic development

We will develop programs to train the community on work skills, finances management. Also, we will develop workshops for small business. In addition, we will concentrate on activities for the empowerment of women.


We will include activities to educate, inform and help the community, such as English classes for adults and tutoring and extracurricular programs for children.

family support & Social services

We will develop health programs and educational sessions that aim to promote healthier lifestyles.Also, we will focus on developing programs that provide mental health awareness and education.We will link families to existing services and resources such as food, housing aid, and others.


We encourage community members to join us in this project as volunteers.Volunteers will receive training and support and will be assigned to different areas of work.

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Teléfono / Phone: 980-389-0615


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455 Concord Pkwy N., Suite 7441

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El Puente Hispano
335 Ann Street NW, Concord, NC 28025 - @ Ann Street Methodist Church

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